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Henan Xinxiao Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 as Henan Xinxiang Fire Machinery Plant and renamed as it is in 2004. It is located in Xinxiang city, Henan province, which is the hinterland of the Central Plains in China, with Taihang to the north, and the Yellow River to the south. It is also the strategic transportation hub where the railway lines of Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Zhuhai intersect each other. It has more than 100 employees, of whom more than 40 are technical staff at middle to high level, with strong abilities in technological innovation and product design.

As the inventor and manufacturer of the first fire pump group in China, the company has won its senior status in the industry as a specialized manufacturer of fire safety products through the integration of research, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, as well as services. It is the corporate member of Henan Fire Protection Association, the network member or the supplier of materials and equipment of China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec Group, China National Aviation Fuel Group, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The company has been awarded the “Credit Enterprise of Banking Industry”, “Model Unit”, and “AAA-level Credit Enterprise” . It has more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing fire safety products, starting from single purpose products to multi-purpose equipment, and to series of products, with continuous quality optimization and improved market competitiveness.

Foam fire extinguishers are the main product line of the company, including:

Fire Extinguishing Agents

①S 3%/6% Synthetic Foam Extinguishing Agent (S);

②S/AR 3%/6% Alcohol Resistant Foam Extinguishing Agent (AR);

③AFFF 3%/6% Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguishing Agent (AFFF);

④AFFF/AR 3%/6% AFFF/AR Aqueous Film Forming/Alcohol Resistant Foam Extinguishing Agent  (AFFF/AR);

⑤MJABP Class A-type Foam Extinguishing Agent(MJABP);       

⑥G/Z 3%/6% High-medium Expansion Foam Extinguishing Agent;

⑦FP 3%/6% Fluoroprotein Foam Extinguishing Agent;       

⑧FP/AR 3%/6%  Fluoroprotein/Alcohol Resistant Foam Extinguishing Agent.

Fire Extinguishers

①PHYM Series Pressure Proportional Mixing Device;

②PHP Series Balanced Proportional Mixing Device;

③PC Series Foam Generator;

④SPL Series Tank Fire Spray Cooling Device;

⑤PS、PL Series Fire Foam Monitor;

⑥XBC Series Diesel Fire Pump Group;

⑦XBD Series Motor Fire Pump Group;

⑧WZ Series Pressure Boosting and Stabilizing Water Supply Equipment for Fire Protection;

⑨PS Series Fire Foam Hydrant;

⑩Foam Descending Groove

All the above products have passed the "Inspection Report" of the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting System and Fire-resisting Building Components (CNCF), meeting all the requirements of the current national standards and industry standards. They also passed the inspection by China Certification Center for Fire Products of MEM, and obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCCF). And all the products have passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Some marine products have passed the inspection of China Classification Society (CCS) and obtained CCS ship inspection certificate.

Our products sell well in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. They are also recommended products by CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and CAO. Our products have been used in many national key projects, such as the Pearl River Delta Product Oil Pipeline Project, Yangtze-Basf IPS Project, Qinjing Oil and Gas Transportation Branch, etc. ; some products have been exported to Kazakhstan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Your trust drives us forward, and your request directs our efforts;  we grow by solving your difficulties, and we thrive on your rewards. Our goal is to achieve your peace of mind! The company always adheres to the quality assurance policy of "serving customers with standard and quality", and wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and services for all the users and the society.